Retiring Thompson’s Jersey

I would like to write a story on Klay Thompson’s jersey retirement. I have an Interview with him, as well as a surplus of non-human sources. I plan to ask a fellow WSU student who attended the game what they liked or to share their experience at the event.

The importance of his retirement is something to note. He is only one of two basketball players from Washington State University to have his number retired to the scaffolding. He may questionably be the most decorated athlete to come out of WSU, not only in basketball, but overall. He has won three NBA Championships and been crowned the three point shooting champion in 2016. I the information and significance to this school would make for a good story

Follow Up of Samuel Martinez’s Death regarding Greek Row

It has been around five months since the tragedy resulting in the death of Samuel Martinez occurred. Almost instantly after the incident occurred Greek Row implemented a self-imposed probation that would shut down all parties on Greek Row, which would carry through winter break and into the start of Spring semester.

The probation has been lifted and new rules and regulations have been put into action. But, what are these new rules? How will they help? Will these efforts be enough to stop another drinking related death?

For this story I have an interview with The WSU IFC president, a fellow member of Samuel’s former house ATO and lastly the Risk chair of KD, Idaho. I will use these sources to get a better understanding of what happened, how it is being addressed and to see what Greek Rows in close proximity are doing to prevent death in their own Greek Community.


My great grandma, along with my three sets of aunts and one set of grandparents live in the same community. We are all originally from Martinez, Ca. I don’t know what is more interesting my great grandma’s life and how she came to own the community we all live in or the fact that almost my entire family lives in the same community, especially during this Covid-19 lock down.

This next paper/assignment we have is a profile, so I have been leaning more towards the side of just focusing on my great grandma. However, I focus on the community I could interview practically my entire family and how they all came to the conclusion of leaving next door to their sisters, grandparents etc.

I will probably source the class on Friday because I really don’t know what direction to take this. I would like to write a story that doesn’t involve or even mention the Coronavirus, but my family’s living situation is hilarious for times like this.

Greek Row and Stay at Home

A large amount of the U.S population is currently at home fighting the spread of Covid-19. However, not everyone has gone along the with the plan willingly or at all. When the pandemic first gained media attention, there were large crowds on beaches in Florida, Mexico and other warm locations. The main demographic that made these crowds were young adults and college students.

As the tension and fear rises in regards to the Coronavirus, what has the Greek community been up to? Have they been quarantined in their Fraternity house or Sorority house? Why did they come back to school? No place to call home outside of school or is parting a priority? How has their social distancing practicing been good or sub-par?

On WSU’s campus there is a large population of Greek members and not all of them stayed on the West side or at their primary residency. What have these people been doing since the end of Spring break? How have they spent their time on a semi-empty campus?

For this story I would like to shed light on those who returned to Pullman to their Greek housing and what they did, why they chose to return and how have they practicing social distancing.