Eric Nalder’s “Loosening Lips”

“Loosening Lips: The Art of the Interview” is a powerful tool for anyone who has experience with interviewing or just getting started. Eric Nalder has many hints and tips that may seem obvious, but easily overlooked.

One of the more interesting tips that stuck out to me was the research aspect. I think that a lot of people anticipating an interview might just dive in head first during the interview. They may not take the time to learn who it is they’ll be talking to. Sometimes when you take the initiative to learn the interviewee before conversation, you may find a passage between topics. You will also be more prepared on what questions to ask and how to add some spice to your conversation.

An interesting point Nalder makes that I had never heard of or thought about was the way you carry yourself. This, however, makes a great deal of sense. The more confident you act or appear will give the person a sense of confidence as well. It allows the interviewee to open up more and feel heard. Confidence is harder to have in person than on paper, I know there have been times in my life where I was talking to someone who felt “Larger than life itself”. In these moments it’s helpful to have read Eric Nalder’s advice.

Another point Nalder made that I have given little thought to is the chronology of the interview. I’ve personally never cared for the order of my questions, I feel that the answers would always be the same and I can organize the paper when I write it. But, the order in which questions are asked can impact the entire answer. By preparing a list of questions and an order in which to ask them, you could find answers or quotes that you may not have received it wasn’t relevant to the topic.

Overall, I learned a lot about interviews and have been able to create somewhat of strategy for the next interview I conduct.

Homework 4

Nadine Williamson is an 88 year old woman from Soda Springs, Idaho. She never attended a university or higher education. She now lives in Boise, Idaho next to her daughter and two grandchildren. Over the course of Holiday time Nadine enjoyed her family and food most. She loved seeing her oldest granddaughter who visited from Moscow, Idaho and especially enjoyed the turkey and ham with all the fixings she said.

Damien Dennis is a 20 year old male from Boise, Idaho. He currently attends school at Walla Walla University where he plays soccer and studies Business and Psychology. During the holiday season he enjoyed his time away from work and eating anything he could get his hands on. He also enjoyed his family tradition of cinnamon rolls and pinapple stuffed ham he said.

Jordan Estey is a 20 year old studying at Boise State University. She is currently perusing a degree in Education and History. During the holiday season she enjoyed visiting her boyfriend who is going to school in Central Washington. Over her holiday she tried out new things in The Valley such as axe throwing, watching alternative movies like “Jojo Rabbit” and painting pottery she said.